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The commodores summary

The Club acquired the Quay known as Stoneworks in 1958, and the slipway was constructed shortly after in 1961. The slipway resulted from some very forward-thinking members who could see that their Club was growing and needed that facility to enhance its future activities on the water.

Today’s members are grateful to those early thinkers. Some 60 years later, they have the opportunity to take this Club facility to a new level that will be dramatic in its improvement. It’s a big project, but it offers a genuine opportunity to improve the usefulness of Sailing Club Quay and, in doing so, encourage more sailing and water-based activity.

Importantly, by providing more accessible and convenient access to the water, it will allow a more significant number of our members to enjoy their boating pursuits whilst at the same time providing a safer environment for JST and other Club users.

I would therefore wholeheartedly commend the project to you and thank you in advance for your vital support to enable this to happen.

Chris de Glanville, Commodore


Chris de Glanville


Glenn Torpy

Rear Commodore (Sailing)

01285 821161

John Lewin

Rear Commodore (House)

01326 270741

Jonathan Adlington


01326 270783

Nigel Hare-Scott


01326 270151

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