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Pontoon Fundraising

Improving access to the water for all club members


Last year, we asked our members how club facilities could be improved. After a significant number of responses, there was a strong indication that many members would like to see improvements to the Sailing Club Quay to provide better utility and accessibility to the water, for everyone from Junior sailors to experienced older members.

Please use this site to learn more about our exciting pontoon proposal and help raise funds towards the project.

Hopefully you have noticed some of the improvements that have already been made to the quay. Toilets and changing facilities have been improved, new signage has been installed and the club now has its own high-pressure washer to allow regular cleaning of slipways.

In terms of more significant investment, the General Committee believes that the installation of a pontoon at the Quay would provide huge benefits across the board.

In particular, there would be a significant benefit to Junior Sail Training (JST), who represent our youngest members and the future of the club. Despite Covid restrictions last year, JST still managed to provide tuition to 260 youngsters, some of whom went on to compete at regional and national levels.

We are confident a new pontoon would benefit members of all age groups and interests. The huge improvement in access to the water will give us the opportunity to significantly enhance the club’s sailing and water-based activities for generations to come.

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