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Project plan

Specialist advice, safety measures, timings, licensing and planning – just about all you need to know!

Anchor 1

The project team considered a variety of options and drew extensively on the experience of other local clubs and boatyards that have recently installed pontoons. Specialist advice and designs were commissioned from Walcon, a leading pontoon supplier that have manufactured pontoons in St. Mawes Harbour and several other nearby locations.

The Committee has sought to find a solution that provides a balance of practicality and affordability. As a result, a traditional 2.5m wide pontoon, the same as that in St.Mawes Harbour has been ordered. The Pontoon will initially extend 27.5m from the Quay and will include a 12m T-shaped ‘Hammerhead’ at the end.

Positioning the Pontoon South of the Slipway will maximise dinghy and other craft access to the existing Northern slipway. This will minimise the risk of fouling anchor chains, but will mean the loss of two outhauls.

The ‘Hammerhead’ end of the pontoon will extend to mean low water and will always be useable during neap tides for dinghies and tenders. During spring tides, the pontoon will not be useable for about 2 hours either side of low water. Cruising boats drawing 2m or less will be able to use the pontoon for about 2.5 hours either side of high water. During winter months, the pontoon will be moved to a sheltered location to avoid damage.


Prior safety-related incidents spurred focus for safer access. A 2.5m walkway will make it safe for members with restricted mobility, plus volume at busy periods. The hammerhead will further reduce congestion, particularly when boats are loading/unloading. Non-slip grid will be used for surfaces, the hinged walkway will encompass handrails, small ladders will be installed to enable anyone in the water to easily climb back onto the pontoon, and two posts will be fitted on the pontoon to help users step on and off boats.

Licensing and Planning

MMO Marine License and Planning Permission have both been granted. 


The order for the pontoon has now been placed with Walcon, with delivery expected towards the end of April 2023. Completion is expected by early summer 2023, allowing full use for the majority of the 2023 sailing season. 

The current estimate is £145,000, including VAT, broken down as follows:


Planning permission & MMO License approval


Mylor Rigging costs



Walcon costs

Quay strengthening

The committee aims to fundraise the total project cost. However, should there be a shortfall, existing club funds allow for £50,000 contribution to the cost.

Members have already generously donated £82,000+. The committee has also secured a £30,000 interest free loan from a club member. This loan will have to be repaid as soon as possible, and the plan is to refund this via member's donations. We are asking all members to continue to contribute to the project.

We welcome direct payments through this site. 



Commodore Chris de Glanville thoughts of the project and the sub committee contact details.

Help raise funds for our exciting pontoon project

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